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Has your business been mis-sold energy by an Energy Broker?

Up to 95% of businesses that have secured their energy contract through a Third Party Intermediary (TPI) or Energy Broker may be entitled to claim back thousands in overpaid fees. You may have a claim if:

  • You are a business energy customer
  • You've used a TPI or Energy Broker in the past ten years
  • You can provide a copy of your agreement or contract

Our business energy claims analysts and solicitors work to get back what you are owed in a straightforward manner and on a no-win no-fee basis.

Find Out If You Can Claim

    About Energy Claim Solutions

    Energy Claim Solutions was founded by UK commercial energy industry professionals frustrated by aspects of the energy industry today.

    Our Analysts identify mis-selling on business electricity or gas contracts and build a full claim on your behalf. They then work closely with our panel of solicitors to get back what’s rightfully yours on a no-win no-fee basis. Client claims can cover multiple business energy brokers and suppliers going back 10 years.

    Our mission is, “to enable UK businesses, of all sizes, to reclaim the commissions hidden in their energy bills, as simply as possible”.

    This all starts with a free, quick, no obligation assessment. To see if you have a claim.

    What is mis-selling in the business energy market?

    Millions of businesses in the UK utilise energy brokers to find the best unit price available for the right type of supply. For this worthwhile service brokers can earn commissions from suppliers. Sadly, rogue brokers are deliberately misleading clients to maximise their own income at your expense.

    Top 5 mis-selling methods. Did your broker:

    • Say the service was free?  Brokers get paid. The supplier usually adds their commission on top of your unit price.
    • Actually try to get the best unit price?  With fees coming from the supplier, they may not fully scan the market.
    • Clearly disclose their full commissions?  Some conceal the extent of their commission to ensure that the deal is agreed.
    • Renew your contract with the same supplier?  Are you sure they searched the market for the best deal?
    • Promote a long term contract as the best option.  Can be a good idea for the client, but always good for the broker!

    Current Claim Activity

    Our clients are confidential, but our Team are helping small local businesses through to National brands, covering a wide spectrum from shops, pubs, factories and gyms through to schools and colleges etc.

    – Current pipeline of over 750 potential claims
    – Claims range for individual sites: £8,000 to £300,000
    – Largest claim for a multiple site business: £4,500,000

    There may also be a case for damages, which can substantially increase the rebate amount.

    How The Process Works

    Online Questionnaire

    Online Questionnaire

    Complete our simple online questionnaire above with some basic information and we will start assessing your likelihood of having a valid claim.

    Quick Follow up Call

    Quick Follow up Call

    Meet your designated claims analyst and ask any questions you may have. Get advice and help on gathering some basic information.

    Your Initial Findings

    Your Initial Findings

    Contracts and data analysed for mis-selling. An overview report on claim viability and possible amount will be sent to you within 2-5 working days.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    To find out, do an initial no obligation Audit with one of our qualified claims advisors. As a rule of thumb if you have used a broker then there is a high chance you are eligible.

    Not all brokers are mis-selling. However, your broker may only have declared the commissions they want you to know about, or may have done so in a misleading way.

    Before we can say that, we have investigation work to do on our behalf. We don’t include an “Instant Calculator” on this website for that reason. However, we would conservatively expect to achieve:

    • +15% of total annual energy spend
    • Multiplied by the number of years utilising mis selling brokers
    • Plus significant damages

    It is possible that a substantial amount of money has been taken out of your business, unnecessarily, which could have been used effectively within the business.

    You only need to gather a few standard documents.

     – Signed copy of your LOA – Letter of Authority / contract(s) with your broker
     – Signed copy of energy supply contracts, failing that, invoices

    If this is problematic don’t worry we may also be able to help with this.

    If this is a concern don’t worry we may be able to help with this. We can help you get it from the brokers and suppliers and much of the paperwork will be produced by them through the process.

    An Letter of Authority (LOA), is the signed permission you give to a broker to act on your behalf to find your best option energy supplier(s).

    A Supply Contract is the agreement signed with the company that will actually supply your gas and/or electricity. This will be the supplier(s) your broker found for you.

    No. Instead Ofgem has put in place a “code of conduct”, but this is not robust enough to prevent mis-selling.

    If you have signed copies of contracts and bills, we can investigate the size of your claim without their knowledge right up until they receive a claim letter from the solicitors. If you don’t proceed they need never know! If they have done nothing wrong then they have nothing to worry about.

    No. You have a supply contract in place which is legally binding. This process should reduce the unit price until the end of the contract.

    There are of course claims handling, insurance, legal and marketing fees involved, but as mentioned this is done on a “no win no fee” basis. These may vary according to the claim, but rest assured, fees will be declared before any commitment is made by you.

    A third party intermediary (TPI) is the term for someone acting as broker on your behalf, as used by UK Government department, Ofgem – Office of Gas and Electricity Market.

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